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Go to Sizzix UK. Select Cancel. Pin It. Sizzix Fold-its dies View Project. These are a going from numbers in the circles to the sums of the sides and b deducing the original numbers from the side sums. The Numbers and Sums Link: In a one thing that is important is that the differences between the original numbers are the same as the differences between the side sums. This is easily shown by using a little algebra but it can be seen and extracted from numerous examples.

Show how to justify this with algebra. Notice that the differences in both the original numbers and the side sums are r, s and s — r but that for the circle entries, the difference between the smallest numbers is r, while for the side sums, the difference of r is between the largest pair. In this exploration you might want to see what happens if i all of the numbers are equal; ii only two are equal; or iii three numbers are different.

In i they should discover that if all of the numbers are equal then all the sums are equal.

Euclidean Circles v2 – – Vladimir Pantelic Musikelektronik

Note though that if only whole numbers are being used only even sums can be found. For ii , only two of the numbers are equal. If only whole numbers are used, then one of these sums has to be even. In i and ii , where even numbers are forced by whole numbers we can get odd numbers if we use fractions or decimals. You might also lead the class to consider if, when the circle entries are fractions, can you get only one, precisely two, or all three sums to be fractions.

Similarly, if the entries are allowed to include negative numbers, how many entries have to be negative in order to get no, one, two or three negative sums? In the no case, you can have at most one negative number; for one, you can have one or two; for two you can have one or two; for three, two or three.

The students should be encouraged to look for examples to back up these claims.

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Numbers From Sums: For aspect b , there are at least three ways of finding the circle numbers from the side sums. Guess and check will always work but it is the least efficient. A second way is to use algebra, though this strictly involves solving linear equations in two unknowns which is beyond the algebra of Level 4. But the third way is foolproof and might reasonably be expected to be discovered by a Level 4 student. There are minor variations of this method that might also be discovered.

We show this guess in the diagram below. This is fine but it incorrectly has a bottom sum of 20 which is 5 more than we require. But we can fix that if we reduce both the 7 and 13 entries to 7 — 2. So here is where we are now. In the process of taking 2. However, if we add 2. Students should be able to see that this three step method always works. Can they explain how this works? Get some feeling for what happens by trying equal sums first and then just two equal sums, and so on. Can you get three equal sums with i whole numbers, ii fractions; ii decimals; or iv negative numbers?

Can you get all possible sums that are same, same, different using each of the previous four types of number? In order to encourage the application of operations on fractions, you might choose side sums that are themselves fractions. If the sum of the smaller two sums is less than the third sum, they will need to use negative numbers too.

An Extension: Recall that an extension is a problem that has features of the original problem. However, solving the extension does not lead to a solution of the original problem. In this way it differs from a generalisation. The extension that we have suggested for this session is to replace addition by multiplication. We give an example below. All of the same questions that were asked for the original problem can be asked again here.

Once again, perhaps the most interesting question is how can we get the original circle entries given the side products? This question gives rise to some interesting factorisation practice that might lead to some insight into how to efficiently go back. A similar foolproof method can be used to go back from given side sums to circle entries when we use products as when we used sums.

Instead of starting with 0 though you should to start with 1. The most general of the cases uses square roots though so you might want to avoid this by only giving them special products. In the session outline we provide a few examples of the type that will work without surds that is, a quantity that cannot be expressed in rational numbers. Reflecting: In this session students might like to experiment with their own generalisations and extensions. They might work on the Six Circles problem of Three Circles I, Level 3 , or four circles arranged in a square, or five circles arranged in a pentagon, or … or addition replaced by subtraction or division.

The questions of the earlier part of this unit should be used as a guide to finding interesting questions here. New problems should be considered too. For example, if four circles are arranged in a square four equal sums that are either even or odd can be produced without the use of fractions. This is not the case if five circles are used. Do even and odd circle configurations work differently somehow? In the next three teaching sessions, the students will investigate the links between the circle entries and the side sums.

They will then consider an extension of the Three Circles, where products are used instead of sums. She is the daughter of Ziauddin and Tor Pekai Yousafzai and has two younger brothers. For years her father, a passionate education advocate himself, ran a learning institution in the city, and school was a big part of Malala's family. Girls were banned from attending school, and cultural activities like dancing and watching television were prohibited.

B Determined to go to school and with a firm belief in her right to an education, Malala stood up to the Taliban. Alongside her father, Malala quickly became a critic of their tactics. Under the blog heading "I am afraid," she described her fear of a full-blown war in her beautiful Swat Valley, and her nightmares about being afraid to go to school because of the Taliban.

Sizzix Originals Die - Circles #2

But, not everyone supported and welcomed her campaign to bring about change in Swat. On the morning of October 9, , year-old Malala Yousafzai was shot by the Taliban. D […] In March , after weeks of treatment and therapy, Malala was able to begin attending school in Birmingham. After the shooting, her incredible recovery and return to school resulted in a global outpouring of support for Malala. At age 17, she became the youngest person to receive this prize. The information is sometimes updated with an addendum submitted by the Laureate.

Acesso em: 3 mar. Discuss with your classmates. Neste excerto foram escolhidos trechos que ilustram os fatos mais importantes na vida de Malala. Check the information you can also find in the text and register your answers in your notebook. The reasons why the Taliban wanted to dominate Pakistan. The fact that girls used to go to school normally before the Taliban. The name of her blog entry for BBC. What is a linear timeline?

It is a way to organize facts and events visually and chronologically. A timeline can be linear or comparative. For example:. A linear timeline is a very interesting studying strategy for you. When you organize information chronologically and visually, you also organize your thoughts and the information you have learned.

Reproduce the timeline below in your notebook. Leave room for writing some information in each box. Then, look for information in the biography in order to fill out the boxes in your notebook. From a young age she was obliged to give up her education to work and help bring in money to feed her family. Going back to school with the assistance of the Indian National Child Labour Project, she became a model pupil. However, at the age of 11 her parents said they had found her a husband.

She staunchly opposed this, flying in the face of age-old custom and bringing her into conflict with her family. Only through the intervention of her teachers and the Minister of Labour of West Bengal was she able to continue her schooling.

Worked Examples

Since her story became known she has become a voice for millions of young people in India denied the opportunity to receive an education and have a proper childhood. She now travels all over India to speak, and her international profile continues to grow. Acesso em: 27 nov. What is different? Discuss with your teacher and classmates. Possible answer: There are some similarities and differences between the struggles of these young activists. Malala and Rekha both just wanted to study. But Rekha had to fight against child marriage, which was not a problem for Malala. Did these families have the.

Explain your answer in your notebook. He owned a school, and she used to go there with him. Can you give some examples of them? Most of them, for example, are teachers or nurses, but there are also women who are representatives in the government as ministers in Parliament and ambassadors. Women also participate in the legal system, as lawyers, judges, and even police officers. We can also mention that both Pakistan and India have an important production of arts and crafts.

Acesso em: 25 de maio de Read the questions about Malala. Which ones are in the past? Copy them into your notebook and try to answer them according to what you remember from her biography. In pairs, write three questions about Malala and Rekha and try to answer them without reading the texts again. Afterwards, you can check your answers. How much could you remember from what you read? Then, search for words that mean the same as the expressions below. Use your notebook to keep track of the ones you find.

Part A: a. Use the expressions from Activity 1 to complete the sentences below. In your notebook, register the answer that corresponds to each number. Fortunately, after the 8 she recovered, and continued to support the right to education, which resulted in several awards such as a 9 for the Children's Peace Prize and Pakistan's National 10 Peace Prize.

She was also named a Nobel Prize winner. Use the expressions in the box below to help you. Now, you are going to listen to a drawing story known as Draw My Life. Draw My Life is an autobiography in a multimodal language: at the same time that it is narrated, it also contains visual resources, since it is also drawn and usually presents some background music. It is a hybrid genre, which is very common nowadays. You are going to listen to part of a Draw My Life autobiography. Acesso em: 10 mar. That way, you can narrate the story and draw it at the same time.

The drawings are usually stick figures. Why do you think these figures are the most common drawings in those stories? Identify below the items you think are correct and register them in your notebook. Then, number them in the sequence you think they make sense. Then, try to get the information below and register each item in your notebook.

Listen to her story and choose the correct alternatives below. Keep track of the answers in your notebook. Why was she afraid of going to kindergarten? How was kindergarten experience to Marzia? Why was her elementary school experience much better? What was her favorite activities with her friends during elementary school years? Write the answers in your notebook. Moving was exciting, but also a little 2. She tried to 3 some new friends, but that was not easy. Her 4 went through a tough situation and she used to 5 most of the time.

She thought school was very 6.

  1. The Lost Princess Man (John Barnes Short Story Collection Book 3).
  2. You Can Draw It Yourself.
  3. Going Off: A Novel of Angels, Neanderthals, and Offshore Banking.
  4. Queen Of New Orleans.
  5. England (Around the World in 80 Men Book 13).

Three years later, she met a name is Daizo. Vale ressaltar que neste momento os estudantes podem renumerar a. In your notebook, write at. You may use some of the ideas below. Possible answers: Maybe she got a boyfriend. She Then, share your ideas with your teacher and your classmates. Think about what she told you about her school experience and write down two characteristics for each period of it.

Think about the items listed below, then discuss with your classmates or register in your notebook, if you prefer. So far, you have read biographies and listened to a person talking about her life, besides organizing biographical data on timelines. Now, you are going to select information so that you can write your thumbprint autobiography. Think of a few things that were part of your life and are not anymore.

Think of what is important now. Complete the sentences in your notebook, replacing the with your answers. When I was a child, Possible answers. Now, my favorite free-time activity is. Have a look at it; then select and copy into your notebook a few sentences that could also be considered part of your autobiography. Share them with your classmates and your teacher. Find out who has chosen the same sentences you have. Jamie Worley. Thumbprint Writing. Live Real, Love Hard, [s. Acesso em: 7 maio Why do. It is written as the digital thumbprint of a person. You also wrote a few sentences about your lifestyle in the past and your lifestyle now.

Now you are going to organize information for your autobiography in a timeline. Follow the steps below. When did it happen? Why are they important? What criteria did you use to select these moments? If there are, you may not want to add them to the timeline. Then read the sentences below and check the ones that contains characteristics of this genre. It organizes facts and events chronologically.

It can present all the details of what happened at a certain moment in history.

  • The Story of Siegfried (Illustrated).
  • Some of Collin’s books;
  • This might also interest you.
  • It is a visual way to organize facts and events. The dates are presented from left to right in a horizontally timeline. You cannot skip any date in a timeline. You'll need these hints at the moment of. Plot History on a Line 1. Decide what the timeline will show: personal events, big political events, events related to a geographic area, randomly chosen events, and so on. Make a list of events that you wish to put on your timeline. Research and note the specific dates when the events that you wish to include occurred.

    List the events in a chronology, a sequence from earliest to latest. What are the earliest and latest dates that you wish to include? Choose the period of time that your timeline will cover [ Decide what units of time you will use days, months, years, decades, centuries, etc. Calculate the number of segments that your timeline will have. How to Make a Timeline. Cambridge, MA: Acesso em: 1 mar.

    Reorganize it in a timelime. Use a sheet of paper and create your own layout to organize your bio data. Then rewrite, include or remove any information, if necessary. Here are some hints to help you do that. Use a photocopier to enlarge it or take a picture of the fingerprint, save it on a computer, enlarge it and then print it. Another way to do it is to reproduce the thumbprint manually on a larger piece of paper. Use the one on page 22 as an example. Remember that it has to be reproduced in a way that allows you to write directly on top of the lines.

    It also helps if the lines are lighter. Useful language Your favorite things in the past My favorite place to go was … My favorite TV program was … My favorite free-time activity was …. Start your story Hi. My name is … My story begins in , … My story begins on April 10, …. Write about the topics from your timeline and from Activity 1 that you would like to include in the final version. Collectively, create a cover for the compilation. Each student will have the chance to take them home or read it during some free time at school.

    Do you think it is important to register your life story? You have written your timeline and your autobiography in the previous section. Now, get ready to talk about it. Follow these steps:.


    You will share an account of that moment with your classmates. Make sure you feel comfortable sharing it. Respecting and listening to each other is very important during this activity. It will depend on the total number of students and the time allocated for this activity.

    You are going to do the same when it is your turn to listen to them. Listen to the following verbs, all extracted from the biographies you read and heard in this unit. In your notebook, create a table like the one below and organize the verbs according to their -ed ending sound. Listen again and repeat the verbs.

    Could you notice a pattern in the way the -ed ending is pronounced? Discuss with your classmates and your teacher, and then try to complete the sentences below. Follow the guidelines below. Share your account in an informal way as you would do with your friends. Do not worry much with accuracy. Fluency is more important in this activity. Be a good listener. What was the easiest part of this activity? What was the most challenging one? Which account is similar to yours? And which one is totally different? Explain your answers. If you were going to do it again, would you do differently? Do you think the account you chose to tell is a good representation of you and your life choices?

    Acesso em: 5 dez. Gostaria de saber mais sobre. Observe a imagem acima e descreva-a. Explique sua resposta. People lying on beds at a movie theater in a shopping mall in Moscow, Russia. A furniture retailer replaced ordinary seats with twin beds. You have analyzed two pictures that show how movie theaters can be nowadays. Now, you will read a timeline that presents some remarkable events and inventions regarding the movie industry. It presents some important milestones in the history of cinema. Read the information about each picture, and put these events in chronological sequence in your notebook.

    Personal answer. Possible answer: The cinematograph was the most important invention because it made it possible to produce the first movies. Charles Chaplin signs an acting contract with a studio in a time when comedy acts were becoming popular in the USA. Acesso em: 9 nov. A History of Projection Screens. Share your findings with your classmates.

    *SUPER RARE* 2 STORM CIRCLES IN ONE GAME! - Fortnite Funny Fails and WTF Moments! #522

    Possible answer: A Trip to the Moon, released in , was the first movie to use innovative special effects and it was the first science fiction movie. You have seen a timeline with some important events in the evolution of cinema. Besides technology, the approach or theme of a movie may contribute to the development of the industry, which is something we will discuss in this section.

    Possible answers: Yes, reading what has been said about a movie can help me decide if it is worth watching and if its plot is interesting. Discuss your ideas with your classmates. Look at some of them below and, if you like to learn about a movie before watching it, record your favorite sources in your notebook.

    Also, add another source, if possible. Discuss it with your classmates. Possible answers: The genre, theme, famous cast, famous director, nationality, etc. What do you expect to find in it? Look at some options and record the correct answers in your notebook. How do you make a grown man cry? Show them a Pixar movie, of course. Because they are usually bringing toys, robots, and fish to life, Pixar can sometimes have a human problem, in which the animated people are purposely more cartoonish than the rats and ants they provide a voice to.

    Well, it turns out they have finally found a way to give animated people another dimension: by personifying their emotions. The move completely throws Riley off her emotional balance. It is a wonderful outlet of providing both escape and understanding of many conflicting emotions. And what a beautiful looking, imaginative, and original film this is. In the film, little orbs represent different memories, some happy and some sad, but they never distinguish between what is good and what is bad.

    Each part of the brain, from dreams to the subconscious, is represented in a way that I have never seen before in any movie. No dinosaurs reek havoc on an island and nobody has to launch a missile through a wormhole in outer space. This is simply about a child learning how to wrestle with their emotions. I sat and watched this film, and by the end, I felt overwhelmingly sad. Tears flowed, and a pile of napkins from the snack bar came to the rescue. Then, something strange happened.

    Suddenly, all I could think about was a personified Joy and a personified Sadness wandering around the deepest parts of my brain. Business Insider, 23 jun. Acesso em: 12 nov. The movie takes place in a world where some people can infiltrate the subconcious of others in order to extract secrets and plant ideas. The main purpose of the review is to convince people not to see the movie. This review is a comparison between the movies Inside out and Inception. The review is an analysis of the attitudes of each character. Rewrite them in your notebook, so that they are correct.

    Possible answer: Inside Out touched the feelings of the author of the review, since it made him cry. Although it is a movie about emotions, Inside Out will not help viewers understand their own. Possible answer: Inside Out will be great for kids and adults who might not understand why they are so angry and confused all of the time. Inside Out is about a child trying to travel in time. It is inspired by Back to the Future. Possible answer: Inside Out is about a child learning how to wrestle with their emotions. Possible answer: In the opinion of the author of the text, adults and children have no idea what they are doing.

    Possible answers: Some emotions that could be mentioned are resentment, gratitude, satisfaction, affliction, happiness, grief, etc. According to the review, the different emotions that are personified within Riley's mind are joy, sadness, disgust, fear, and anger. According to what you know about human psyche, are these emotions enough to describe someone's mind? If not, which emotions would you add to this list? In the beginning of the review, the author says that Pixar movies are an effective way of making adults cry. In your opinion, why do people watch movies, read books, songs and seek out other works of art that might be melancholic?

    Possible answer: Works of art may help people be sensitive and reflective, so these works tend to attract. Inside Out tries to explain how our brain works and how it affects our feelings. Do you know any other works of art that deal with similar subjects? If so, share your ideas, and make a list with your classmates. Possible answers: There are several works of art that approach the way the human brain works.

    Read the excerpts of two user reviews posted in two different specialized websites and answer the questions that follow. Editoria de arte. Pixar finally broke out of the Pixar mold. Toy Story, Monsters, Bugs LIfe, Cars, etc, were feeling like the same basic story just with a different looking set of characters. Inside Out still has some of the classic Pixar moves, but they added some nice original moves to make this feel like something new. While I give it a 10, it is not perfect, but it is one of the best animated movies in years. Inside Out User Reviews.

    Acesso em: 31 maio It was just so depressing and sadness was possibly the most annoying character ever conceived It got to the point where I was dreading the character coming on the telly. Animated [ Review 1. The reviewer probably meant that the other movies that were mentioned felt too similar, more of the same, but Inside Out felt new and different.

    Do you agree with the second reviewer that they should just make movies that make people happy? Do you usually prefer to read user reviews or a review by a specialist in the area? Movie reviews can use different verb tenses according to the ideas they convey, including past events and experiences. Now, you are going to analyze the use of a verb tense that you are already familiar with and notice how it can help you learn another verb tense also used to describe past events.

    Then complete the sentences replacing the with the number of the extract, considering only the verbs in bold. Toy Story, Monsters [Inc. Extracts and describe a completed action in the past. I; IV Extracts and describe repeated, ongoing or temporary actions in the past. I; IV The tense used in extracts and is the past continuous. II; III. Can you describe how the past continuous is formed? Write it in your notebook. Complete the following sentences using the verbs in the box in the past continuous. The reporter cried while he the movie. Before you read the review on pages , what were you expecting to learn about the movie?

    Did it meet your expectations? Do you think they are different now? You have read a review about a movie that may interest both children and adults. Many movies might not be only made to entertain, but also to inform, to disturb, to raise awareness and so on. In this section, you will expand your knowledge about movies, which will help you participate in further discussions. Does the genre influence your decision? Possible answers: The genre might influence my choice depending on the situation. If I want to laugh, I will probably choose a comedy, but if I'm feeling more sensitive, I might choose a drama, for example.

    Comedy b. Reality d. Although there are more movies than movies, the second one seems to be more popular. Market Share for Each Genre Acesso em: 13 dez. Fonte de pesquisa: Merriam-Webster. Black humor. Massachusetts: Merriam-Webster Incorporated, In this genre, issues that are usually considered taboo, morbid or grotesque are treated in a humorous way, usually ridiculing the human condition or pointing out the futility of life. Record respostas podem variar conforme o modo como cada estudante interpreta esses filmes. Compare your answers with your classmates, to check if you like similar movies.

    Rewrite the sentences in your notebook. This movie is set If you have not seen the movie yet, The special effects The main character is played This is the best movie I have ever seen. In your opinion, which kinds of situations should be portrayed in movies like this? The list of words below can help you formulate your answers. Keep track of them in your notebook and discuss with your classmates. Possible answer: International and chaotic situations could be registered in documentaries so that more people become aware of them.

    Discuss with. Listen to a review about it, and choose the items that are correct about it. Record them in your notebook. The critic strongly encourages people to watch it.

    Complete business communications,

    The critic mentions that the photographs shown are a visual delight. Are the following statements true T or false F? The critic says the documentary is incredible and brilliant. Brazil is the only country portrayed in the movie. The pictures that are shown depict people from many countries in different circumstances.

    Register your answers in your notebook. Salgado documented the human experience in many countries before changing the focus of his work to the natural world. In your notebook order the items as they are mentioned by the critic. Possible answers: Yes, because the comments about the documentary were positive and consistent, so it sounded interesting. Taking into account that they portray harsh situations, why do you think people enjoy seeing them, and why are these images internationally acclaimed? Record your ideas in your notebook. Possible answer: Probably because he presents an unusual view of those situations, which touches people in a different way.

    Do you. Talk to your classmates, and organize a short list in your notebook including four titles that you would like foreigners to see. You have been discussing movies from different perspectives: you thought about the experiences people can have in movie theaters, you talked about different movie genres, and finally you have considered how movies can raise awareness about harsh and complex realities. Now, you will take part in a panel discussion to expand your horizons about movies.

    Read the first one, and identify the correct item about it. Then, write it in your notebook. Acesso em: 13 nov. Mulan was a huge success in China. The expectations of the Chinese were all fulfilled. Mulan failed in China because of an economic crisis. However, the Chinese authorities permit only 20 imported movies a year to be screened in its cinema chains. Disney is the obvious pacemaker in this regard, way ahead of the pack. The animated movie Mulan, based on the story of a famous woman warrior in ancient China, is a successful combination of Chinese tradition and American spirit.

    The Mellowing of Hollywood. China today: Explaining China to the World. Acesso em: 16 nov. The author of the second review agrees with the first excerpt. The movie Mulan has largely succeeded in portraying the Chinese tradition. Read it and choose the item which best summarizes it. Register your answer in your notebook. Acesso em: 11 nov.