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Russia's opposition descends into infighting before elections

The mountain concept was again a very compact one with only an average distance of 4km between the mountain sub-village and the venues. These medals have several peculiarities. For example, the Olympic rings are reproduced on the obverse, while the name of the event in English and the emblem of the Sochi Games are engraved on the reverse. The Olympic medals weigh between and grams depending on which metal is used — gold, silver or bronze. They measure mm in diameter and are 10mm thick. Number of torchbearers: 14, Duration: days, from 7 October to 7 February Distance: 65 km.

Russia's opposition descends into infighting before elections | World news | The Guardian

The official poster captures the essence of the Games in Sochi. The Caucasian Mountains soar majestically above the Black Sea, symbolising the two competition clusters, one on the coast in Sochi, even for the ice events, and the other in the Krasnaya Polyana valley, for the snow, bobsleigh, luge and skeleton events. The emblem of the XXII Olympic Winter Games occupies the whole of the centre, with its unusual feature: the presence of the internet address, a symbol of modernity, innovation and dynamism. Action everywhere, from the Black Sea coast to the Krasnaya Polyana mountains.

Superb competition venues for spectacular events, historic performances and numerous records — the XXII Olympic Winter Games kept all their promises. Here are the most memorable athlete exploits that took place in Sochi between 6 and 23 February At American Bode Miller , third in the Super-G at the age of 36 years and days, became the oldest-ever medallist in his discipline.

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Russian luger Albert Demchenko and Japanese ski jumping champion Noriaki Kasai , both in their forties, were competing in their seventh edition of the Games, both winning two medals in Sochi. Kasai also equalled the record for the longest interval between two silver medals: 20 years! A unique domination of one discipline at the Games. This is a commemorative book volume 2 of the official report, available on CD 2, only English-Russian bilingual.

But when it comes to moving to Russia, this challenge is particularly interesting.


Teodora Delcheva, an exchange student from University College London explores eight myths about Russia and how they compare to reality. However, three months later the reality proved somewhat different.

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There is no way to go around it: Russia is cold! So with several layers of warm clothing and a positive attitude, the freezing cold can be easily managed. And, trust me, it will all be worth it in the end! Rumour has it that one thing that goes hand in hand with the deadly cold is the vodka to warm oneself up in the winter. Nevertheless, this does not mean that all Russians are alcoholics.

Russia 'playing with fire', warns Turkey, as Moscow imposes visa regime

So in general, from what I have experienced so far, the vodka-drinking culture is not nearly as prevalent as most people think. As soon as I arrived in St Petersburg, the first thing that immediately struck me is that when you are on the streets, in the metro or in the stores, Russians do not ever smile. As I found out, showing a lot of emotion or giggling on the train is considered odd and even impolite.

But truth be told, Russians are mostly warm, friendly and actually quite funny people once you break the ice! Someone wise once said that Russians are like walnuts — hard on the outside, but if you crack them, you get everything! This is definitely accurate, and once it happens, the sense of victory is incredibly satisfying! The pervasive image of the babushka, or the Russian granny, is undoubtedly a reality!


Generations Russian Cinema of Change 26 — 30 Sep Show more. More info. Part of The Art of Change Our season explores how the arts respond to, reflect and potentially effect change in the social and political landscape.

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Interactive timeline: Films through Russian history From the ascension of Nicholas II in to playing host to the World Cup in , we explore key moments in Russian history and the films in our Generations: Russian Cinema of Change season in our interactive timeline. Start reading. Sign up to our newsletters Be the first to hear before events go on sale.

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