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The Cost of In-Home Care The cost of health care and in-home senior care will very much depend on the number of hours the designated care worker spends with the senior. Calculating In-Home Care Cost Regardless of the kind of home care service you choose, you will receive an estimate based on the results of a comprehensive assessment of your individual needs by a licensed care worker or home care agency.

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Seniors who generally remain independent in their day to day activities may not need a care worker around the clock. It is not uncommon to find seniors who only need care workers for about 2 hours every day. In this kind of case, the calculated cost will not be so high depending on the home care agency you choose. You should also know that different home care agencies have an established minimum number of hours per day that one of their licensed caregivers can spend at the home of a client.

In most cases, it is either 2 or 4 hours minimum. This is mostly for staffing purposes. Daily Rates: This kind of arrangement is given to senior clients who need help or care around the clock. The rates are often calculated on a daily basis with allowances given for the time the caregiver takes off for their breaks and rests.

This, of course, is dependent on the cost of living within your given region as well as the amount of specialized care that you need as a client. Overnight Rates: Overnight rates are slightly different than daily rates in that you could choose to hire overnight help without necessarily choosing the daily Although typically not calculated by the hour, overnight rates are not as expensive as daily rates because of the limited number of hours and activities associated with the service provided by the caregiver.

This option is often chosen by seniors who have family members acting as the primary caregiver during the day. Since the family members need to sleep as well, there is always a care worker who takes over at night. Here are some of the things you should consider when you choose an in-home care service: How long they have been in service and their track record: This will allow you to judge just how well they treat their clients and the kind of track record they have as far as care is concerned.

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What kind of qualifications and experience the staff has: For the most part, in-home care service providers include trained and certified nurses and professionals who are specialized in care for the elderly. The credentials of every staff member will give you an indication of the level of care that the home care provides for their clients.

Whether or not the staff is insured and bonded: This is purely for your own protection. Ensure that every member of the staff is insured and bonded. Whether or not they work with a doctor to develop a care plan for you: Depending on the kind of care you need, it is important to have a doctor on staff to help the care workers to come up with a well-structured care plan for you.

This is especially true if you need rehabilitative and medical care.

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Can they give you references to check? The best care providers are proud of what they do and are more than happy to share that information with you. This personal testimony is quite reassuring in most cases.

The most common include: Out-of-pocket pay where you or your family members choose to pay for the services yourselves You could also have a third-party pay for the service. Third parties include institutions and systems such as Medicare, Veteran Administration for military vets, and Medicaid There are also other third-party options such as your health insurance company or managed care plans In fewer cases, you may also have well-wishers paying for the service.

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